Members Database
Ruthie Abeliovich Tel-Aviv University moc.liamg|501eihtur#moc.liamg|501eihtur philosophy & performance, femininsm, ventriloquism, theories of voice and embodiment
Dominika Bennacer NYU moc.oohay|recanneb_akinimod#moc.oohay|recanneb_akinimod immigration, human rights discourse, activism, quotidian performances of cultural, ethnic and religious identity, and embodied practices in Islamic orthopraxy
Gelsey Bell NYU moc.liamg|llebyesleg#moc.liamg|llebyesleg voice, song, performance of everyday life, twentieth-century philosophy, technology, and embodiment
Cara Brostrom Aberystwyth University||80bbc
Michelle Liu Carriger Brown University ude.nworb|regirrac_ellehcim#ude.nworb|regirrac_ellehcim
Laura Cull Northumbria University||lluc.arual Deleuze & performance, philosophy & performance, presence/representation debates, participation and collaboration
Phoebe Davies Artsadmin, University of London ku.oc.nimdastra|ebeohp#ku.oc.nimdastra|ebeohp live public art
Mohamed Yassin El Harruchi University of Abdel Malik Essaadi rf.liamtoh|ihcurrah_le#rf.liamtoh|ihcurrah_le
Ashley Ferro-Murray Berkeley moc.liamg|yarrumorrefa#moc.liamg|yarrumorrefa ephemerality and corporeality in technological dance presence, Merleau-Ponty, Lyotard, Deleuze
Ronald Gilliam University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa ude.iiawah|mailligr#ude.iiawah|mailligr Gender, identity, and praxis in minority folk performances of China, intercultural performance, globalization, and the politics of touring cultural performance, Marxist theory and aesthetics
Vivian Huang NYU moc.liamg|dnimfoeceip#moc.liamg|dnimfoeceip
Oona Kersey Northwestern moc.oohay|yesreko#moc.oohay|yesreko ethnography, childhood studies, heritage and public memory, dramaturgy
Rajae Khaloufi King Fahd School for Translation, Tangier, Morocco moc.liamtoh|til.eajar#moc.liamtoh|til.eajar
Sarah Kozinn NYU ude.uyn|3671ks#ude.uyn|3671ks
Chris Lee Ban Loong University of Exeter gs.moc.oohay|gnoolnabeelsirhc#gs.moc.oohay|gnoolnabeelsirhc Reconnecting classical Asian theatre systems with contemporary acting approaches, Drama Education (All levels)
Ying-Ni Ma University of Exeter||722my voice training, intercultural perspective, Asian Ch'i theories and voice trainings of Western practitioners like Kristin Linklater
Kathryn McCartin Queen's University, Belfast||10nitraccmk
Kellie Mecleary NYU ude.uyn|885mak#ude.uyn|885mak
Boris Daussà Pastor moc.ablacal|sirob#moc.ablacal|sirob
Theron Schmidt Queen Mary, University of London||tdimhcs.u.t Participation and community; authenticity and the theatrical; interventionist performance
Angela Marino Segura NYU ude.uyn|oniram.alegna#ude.uyn|oniram.alegna popular performance and politics of the Americas, Venezuela, diablos danzantes, Latino/Latin American drama dance, theatre, film and media
Jon Sherman Northwestern ude.nretsewhtron.u|namrehs-noj#ude.nretsewhtron.u|namrehs-noj Merleau-Ponty, Bohme, Heidegger, Jacques Lecoq
Ben Spatz CUNY Graduate Center||ztapsb practice as research; performance research; power dynamics; actor-director partnerships; ritual and therapy; actor training techniques; Grotowski, Gardzienice, Deleuze & Guattari
Danae Theodoridou Roehampton University||drodoeht
Stefanos Tsigrimanis NYU ude.uyn|8411ts#ude.uyn|8411ts performance of temporality, improvisation, sound, theories of space, and language
Melissa Wansin Wong City University of New York moc.liamg|nisnaww#moc.liamg|nisnaww The intersections between phenomenology ( theories of embodiment), existentialism and human rights. Continental philosophy and critical theory in general
Kalle Westerling Stockholm University moc.em|gnilretsew.ellak#moc.em|gnilretsew.ellak Gender theory, queer theory, postcolonialism, poststructuralism, performativity, camp aesthetics, drag, corporeality, language, deconstruction, power
Daniel Yahel Brunel University||ymd80ep
Ying Zhu University of California, Riverside moc.liamelgoog|18zgniy#moc.liamelgoog|18zgniy the intersection of the (moving) body with national spaces of memory
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